Chicory, bacon and balsamic vinegar 8,00 €
Artichockes flan with Grana cheese cream  12,00 €
Spinach salad with scrambled eggs, truffle and bacon chips 13,00 €
Artichokes salad with parmesan cheese, oil and lemon 12,00 €
Irish beef fillet tartare with Dijon mustard 15,00 €
Cattle marinade with Grana cheese, rocket, oil and lemon 14,00 €
Spanish Real Conservera Española sardines with hot croutons and butter (recommended for 2 persons) 21,00 €


Fish of the day according to the availability of market

First Course

Soup of the day 8,00€
Cappelletti filled pasta with cheese and meat sauce or capon broth 11,00 €
Ravioli with fossa cheese stir fried with butter, sage and toasted pine nuts 13,00 €
Tortelli pasta filled with pumpkin with smoked duck, sauce and red chicory 13,00 €
Homemade Cappellacci filled with goat’s cheese and truffle on top 16,00 €
Tagliatelle pasta with wild boar meat sauce 14,00 €
Homemade Strozzapreti pasta with Sangiovese red wine sauce 10,00 €


Fish of the day according to the availability of market


Main Course

Grilled smoked cheese with grilled polenta 10,00 €
Grilled Argentine beef entrecote, with rosemary and salt from Cervia, accompanied by salsa chimiciurri 19,00 €
Chianina meat burger with fried potatoes and San Patrignano bread  14,00 €
Boned chicken with roasted potatoes 14,00 €
Grilled Irish Platinum beef fillet 21,00 €
Grilled Irish Platinum beef fillet with green peppercorn 23,00 €


Fish of the day according to the availability of market


Ham and cheese platters

Cold cuts board with squaquerone cheese with piadina and pickled vegetables 13,00 €
Assorted cheeses 12,00 €
Chopping of the Latin countries (Iberian Paleta de bellota, Patanegra bacon on toasted crouton, blue Mediterranean cheese and mimolette French cheese, chorizo and piquillo) 16,00 €


Side dishes

Backed potatoes 4,00 €
Green salad 4,00 €
Stir fried herbs 5,00 €
Courgette stir-fried in oil, garlic and parsley 5,00 €
Steamed season vegetables 5,00 €


Catalan boiled custard 6,00 €
Croccantino Ice cream cold desserts with dark chocolate sauce 6,00 €
Hot chocolate hearted cake with ginger and mango sauce 7,00 €
Pistachio desserts 7,00 €
Royal creamy dessert with chocolate chips and almond biscuit 6,00  €
Homemade cakes board 5,00 €
Season fresh fruit s.q


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